Concealed carry legislation did not come up for a vote in the Illinois Senate on Friday. The sponsor blames “extremist” pressure groups for scaring senators off the bill, but he promises to remove the controversial “good moral character” provision.

State Sen. Kwame Raoul (D-Chicago) wanted to call his bill for a vote on Friday, but support evaporated. “I think the 59 members (in the Senate) and the 118 in the House represent the 12 million-plus residents of the state of Illinois, not the lobbyists and not the advocacy groups,” Raoul said after Friday’s session.

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The bill in question, which passed out of a Senate committee on Thursday, would require concealed carry applicants to undergo training and pass a background check, and would give state police discretion to deny permits to those lacking “good moral character.” Further, Chicago police would have discretion with respect to those seeking an endorsement to carry a concealed firearm in Chicago.

Raoul now says he will withdraw the “good moral character” provision from the bill.

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