Ahead of the NATO and G-8 Summit coming to Chicago in the spring, groups looking to protest the events are calling on the city to issue permits.  Joe Iosbaker with the Coalition Against NATO, G-8, War and Poverty Agenda says it’s time for the city to act now when it comes to issuing permits. “We need permits to march where the summits are occurring,” Iosbaker said.


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If you plan on joining the protests, make sure you have some bail money on hand. Andy Thayer, also with the coalition, says the City of Chicago is changing ordinances to increase fines for resisting arrest. Fines would rise from $25 to $200 with a maximum fine of $1,000 and jail time. Thayer suspects the changes will remain law even after NATO and the G-8 Summit leave town, despite what Mayor Rahm Emmanuel (pictured) has said. 


(Illinois Radio Network)