Not everybody supports a U.S. attack on Syria, and five people in Springfield want to make sure people know that. They held signs outside the office of U. S. Sen. Dick Durbin during the noon hour Friday.   "We're concerned that – just like anything else – there’s no black and white,” said Diane Lopez Hughes. “Of course, there have been horrible atrocities committed against the Syrian people. There may also be evidence that the rebels may also be using chemical weapons.”

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Vinod Gupta added Syria has not attacked us, and if the U.S. acts, “we may not be able to come out” of Syria, he says, and “it might be like another Iraq and Afghanistan.”   Durbin’s Springfield office is in a historic house a block from the Lincoln Home, in a neighborhood away from vehicular traffic. At one point, though, a park ranger asked the protestors to move off of the boardwalk and into the street.

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