State Representative Dan Beiser and Senator Bill Haine of Alton have sponsored a measure that would give the state’s drug-induced homicide law more teeth when drugs are bought across state lines. House Bill 3499 was passed by the Senate on Friday after the Madison County state’s attorneys office dropped the drug-induced homicide charge against 31-year old Brian Beckham of East Alton, who was accused of being involved in the heroin overdose of 30-year old Joshua Rogers. Beckham was the second person in the case to have the charge thrown out based on the state statute. The state’s attorney’s office dropped a similar charge against 42-year old Adam C. Butler of St. Louis on May 17th. The same charge is currently still pending against 28-year old Angela R. Halliday of Moro.

Beiser says that judge acted according to statute when he decided to dismiss the charges against Beckham and Butler.

Beiser Comments  

Beiser also says that the location the drugs were obtained should not provide a loophole for criminals. The proposed measure would give prosecutors the authority to charge someone with drug-induced homicide even when the delivery of the drugs took place across state lines.

H.B. 3499 will now go before the House for consideration.

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