The National Labor Relations Board has overturned a regional director's decision that would have allowed football players at Northwestern University to unionize.  
The original ruling was based on the fact that the players receive scholarships, and that made them eligible to unionize, but the new ruling says letting the Wildcats unionize could lead to different standards at different schools.
"We're proud of what the players did at Northwestern. We're proud of what the union did," says John Adam, attorney, College Athletes Players Association.  "They caused the entire country to understand that college players deserve a greater voice."

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Northwestern University says they're happy with the ruling.
"We actually think our players did a good thing in bringing national attention to these issues," says Alan Cubbage, university spokesperson.  "We feel very strongly that Northwestern has been not just responsive, but been a leader on it.  But, we also feel very strongly that collective bargaining and unionization are not the appropriate methods to address those concerns."
The new NLRB decision was unanimous.  The CAPA says their efforts are not over, and Northwestern says nor is the discussion.

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