A day of learning about property taxes – for spectators looking for entertainment, perhaps the equivalent of spinach? – featured some side dishes from the governor and the speaker of the House.
The Illinois Senate convened a “committee of the whole” to air out the problems of high property taxes and inequitable school funding. Republicans, including the governor, say it's all phony and ignores a perfectly good bill already ready to pass.
Trying to interpret one senator's questions, one witness turned to dessert to attempt to explain.
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“If we don't increase the size of our pie, but just adjust the slices,” said Carol Portman, president of the Taxpayers' Federation of Illinois,“you're not making the state bigger – you're not keeping the local static, you want to shrink the local and keep the pie total the same.”
What Gov. Bruce Rauner wanted to do Tuesday was host a news conference a few blocks away at the governor's mansion while the presentation went on at the Capitol.
He said House Speaker Mike Madigan (D-Chicago) and Senate President John Cullerton (D-Chicago) have made themselves wealthy men by working against the public interest. “They have a fundamental conflict of interest with the taxpayers,” the governor said. “We've got to talk candidly and fundamentally about the challenges that are in front of us.”
Madigan, at a news conference at the Capitol shortly after the governor's event, said Rauner's mistaken about some things: “Our law practice is concerned with correcting errors in assessments and not in what they call the extension of taxes.”
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