A good government group says the state should re-evaluate its property leases.  The Better Government Association says now is the time for the state to look into wasteful spending when it comes to real estate leases that the state has. The call for action comes after a closer look into dealings with the state by Springfield businessman and political power broker William Cellini, who has been doing business with the state since the 1980s. Because of his recent corruption convictions he can no longer do business with the state.


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Many of his business ventures have been turned over to his daughter and son-in-law.  BGA president Andy Shaw says it’s important to know when that happened.  "This is not about punishing Bill Cellini’s family, but it is about making sure that he didn’t manipulate the system while he was on trial or facing trial to make sure that all of his benefits moved along to family members,” Shaw said. “So we would advise the people at Central Management Services or an inspector general in the executive branch of state government to look at all of these leases and these deals and make sure that they were in place before Cellini was indicted and tried. If that’s the case then you can’t really penalize other family members.”  Shaw says the state should re-evaluate leases. It’s a point that has long been argued. “That’s a reform effort that Gov. Quinn should be undertaking,” Shaw said.  According to the state, Cellini’s businesses have 22 building that the state has been leasing for years.


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