Relief is in sight for people who heat their homes and businesses with propane gas.  Higher prices were the rule last winter thanks to a major shortage, but bill sponsors believe this new piece of legislation could help fix the crisis.  The proposal provides that during a declaration of a propane emergency, propane trucks may operate at a maximum weight of 22,000 pounds on a single-axle, 40,000 pounds on a tandem-axle, and 90,000 pounds on 5 or 6 axle vehicles on state roads. 

The bill has passed the House and the Senate and now needs the governor’s signature.  Republican State Senator Sam McCann of Carlinville co-sponsored of the bill, and says several factors came together to create last winter’s crisis.

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The legislation does not apply to interstate highways.  The bill also provides that these vehicles, when operating under this declaration, are not subject to the bridge formula. 

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