Larycia HawkinsA Wheaton College professor who said Christians and Muslims worship the same God is promising to fight the school's proceedings to fire her.
The Christian liberal arts school says what Larycia Hawkins posted on her Facebook page, along with wearing a headscarf, doesn't line up with its "doctrinal convictions." Hawkins disagrees, and maintains her view that Muslims, Christians, and Jews are "people of the book."
"Wheaton College cannot intimidate me into cowering of fear of the enemy of the month as defined by real estate moguls, senators from Texas, Christians from this country, bigots, and fundamentalists of all stripes," Hawkins said.

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The school had suspended Hawkins last month, and claimed she didn't want to participate in discussions about the "theological implications" of her statements. Hawkins says the college would allow her to return after two years of conversations about her actions, during which time her tenure would be revoked.
The college does require the school to sign a "statement of faith," and Hawkins believes her views line up with the school's mission.
"Wheaton College does liberal arts well yet I am left to ponder how well does Wheaton College treat its employees who dare to challenge students and peers to stand with, not merely for, people outside the Christian cult," she said.
The next step is fighting termination proceedings, which the college began Tuesday. Hawkins says the school advised her to hire an attorney, but then said her lawyer wouldn't be allowed to attend hearings regarding her termination.
The college didn't respond to a request for comment.


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