It's not funny. Professional clowns across Illinois are trying to tell parents and police departments that good clowns are also tired of the creepy-clown pranks.

Lisa Hinshaw, also known as Fee Fee the Clown, has a message for any and all creepy-clown jokesters who think it’s funny to scare people: "If you want to dress up as a scary clown and wander around and scare people, then you are not a clown. You are not a real clown, and you better be prepared to be arrested."

Across the country, several instances of people dressed as creepy clowns in attempts to scare people or lure kids have popped up, though no documented cases have occurred in Illinois.

Hinshaw said she's speaking out because the creepy-clown craze is bothersome to professional clowns.

"If someone dresses up as a doctor...and is coming at you with a chainsaw, that person is not a doctor," Hinshaw said. "That person is impersonating a doctor for their own horror venue."

Hinshaw said that in her 11 years as a clown, she's bumped into people who are afraid, but she does all she can to end their fear of clowns.

Hinshaw said creepy clowns are making the fear of clowns worse by trying to pull un-funny pranks. Hinshaw said she doesn't want this fad to adversely affect her business.

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