Construction at the Madison County Jail won't start for a while longer, as engineering and architectural work is still going on.  Massive upgrades to the facility are in store, but actual construction may not begin until after the first of the year, according to the Madison County Sheriff.

Once construction begins, one issue they will have to deal with is where to put the prisoners.  At least one cellblock will have to be vacated as part of the process, but with prisoner population at or near capacity most days that may prove to be a challenge.  Sheriff John Lakin tells The Big Z they have been averaging 299 prisoners a day for the last several months.

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Architects say renovations will make the building more efficient to heat and cool, and water and sewer upgrades are on the list due to corrosion of the pipes.  Electrical items are said to fail on a regular basis, and replacement parts are not readily available to the age of the equipment.  There will also be upgrades to the 9-1-1 system coming soon. 


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