Madison County Treasurer Kirk Prenzler continues to face questions and criticism concerning bond sales in his office. Prenzler appeared before the Madison County Board Finance Committee Thursday and was questioned about bond sales from last summer that County Auditor Rick Faccin says continues to cost the county taxpayers.

Faccin has been critical of Prenzler (pictured) since last summer, when the auditor released a statement claiming the treasurer's actions had cost the taxpayers more than $1.5 million.  Earlier in the summer, County Board Chairman Alan Dunstan was also critical of investments and bond sales made by Prenzler.  In his own defense, Prenzler has said he was trying to fix problems he found when he took office in December 2010, and has continued to question why some officials were silent about investments until after he took over.  Yesterday, some members of the Finance Committee questioned the investments, and also ongoing legal bills involving the treasurer's office attempt to recoup some of the funds.  Faccin claims the taxpayers are on the hook for the bills and there is no end in sight. Prenzler says he believes the county has a strong case in recovering some of the investments.