A former Madison County Treasurer's Office employee has filed a federal lawsuit over his firing. Jim Foley, who worked as an investment specialist, was terminated shortly after Kurt Prenzler took office last December. Foley claims his first amendment rights were violated, he has suffered emotional distress and was embarrassed.

Foley, who had worked part time for the county under previous treasurers Fred Bathon and Frank Miles, claims in the suit that he went over the investments he made when Prenzler took office, and was complimented for his efforts. On December 15, Prenzler announced Foley was being fired because he violated the county investment policy by investing $42 million in bonds that were of longer term than allowed by county law. Foley denies any wrongdoing in his work, and Prenzler has not commented on the suit. The suit also names Madison County, along with Prenzler, as defendants.