One of the candidates who might run for Congress in the Second District special election says he’s not ashamed of his ties to political corruption.

Defense attorney Sam Adam Jr. won’t say for sure if he’ll run next year – he has a federal trial starting Monday needing his full attention. But isn’t it weird he'd try to replace Jesse Jackson Jr., who’s under investigation for connections to former Gov. Rod Blagojevich, whom Adam defended?

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“The seat was [previously] held by Mel Reynolds. He went down, guess who defended Mel Reynolds? My father,” says Adam.“So it goes from him to Jesse Jackson, Jesse Jackson’s in Blagojevich and I defend Blagojevich. If that’s the reason you think I wouldn’t be in Congress day in and day out fighting for the needs of the Second District? Vote for somebody else.”

Adam says he won’t run or distance himself from Blagojevich. With the pending trial, Adam isn’t sure he'll meet the filing deadline, if he decides to run.

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