Reefer Madness is 80 years in the past, but even today, not everybody is ready for marijuana to be mainstream.  “What you’re going to see,” Sara Howe predicts, “is the rise of the second Big Tobacco.  We know exactly how Big Tobacco changed the components of cigarettes to make them even more addictive.”  Howe is chief executive of the Illinois Alcoholism and Drug Dependence Association – the industry that helps drug addicts get clean – and says the idea of marijuana as harmless and non-addictive is fiction.
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But in just over 20 years, we’ve gone from a judge being shut out of consideration for the U.S. Supreme Court because he admitted smoking a joint to electing someone president who's admitted using marijuana and cocaine.  Do you really want someone in the White House so square they’ve never tried drugs?  “’Everybody’s doing it.  Everybody’s had pot.’ That’s what you hear,” Howe says.  But the Illinois Youth Survey “from sixth grade through twelfth grade ... shows: the majority of kids – they’re not using!”
Howe says legalizing pot for recreational use is wrong, adding she believes marijuana is addictive and dangerous – her group even opposed it for medical use.
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