Seven postal workers from Southern Illinois will be recognized today for heroism.  These are people who did more than deliver the mail, coming to the aid of customers in one way or another.
Postal Service district manager David F. Martin says they think they’re not special.  “The interesting thing is, when I talk to them, they’re very humble about it.  It’s not that they feel that they went above and beyond.  They almost always say they do what anyone else would do, and they just happened to be in the right place, just at the right time, to be able to help,” he said.  They’ll be recognized today at a ceremony at the opening of the Superman Celebration in Metropolis.
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- Richard Girth, a carrier in Bunker Hill, did not see the elderly woman who usually met him at her door when he delivered her mail. Girth found her slumped in a chair in suffering from low blood sugar.
- Lee Loesche was on her Smithton rural route when she noticed a timber fire. She contacted 911, then she found two construction workers who helped her contain the fire until the fire department arrived. Her quick thinking saved homes that were in the path of the fire.
- Israel Fontanez helped an 80-year old resident of Salem. The woman had fallen outside her home during the bitter cold and was stuck with a broken hip. Fontanez and another man carried her into her home, called 911 and the woman’s family.
- Monty Culbertson, a rural carrier in Vienna, noticed a customer’s mail had not been picked up. He contacted the Johnson County Sheriff’s Department about his concern. Although it was too late to help this customer, Culbertson’s actions allowed the sheriff’s department to take appropriate actions concerning the customer.
- Lawrenceville carrier Bill Lindsay found a man on the ground, slumped against his garage. He helped the man into his motorized chair, got him into the shade, gave him a drink of water and remained with him until help arrived. The man’s injuries included bruised ribs and a cut to the elbow.
- Linda Green, the postmaster in Virgina, contacted the Postal Inspection Service concerning a customer’s Priority Express mail piece, suspecting a scam. She contacted the receiving office instructing them to hold the package while the Inspection Service talked with the customer. Her actions saved her customer thousands of dollars.
- Herrin carrier Natalie Tuttle helped thwart the robbery of a customer’s package by immediately calling Herrin Police and providing them with relevant information, including the description of suspicious persons in the area. As a result, the parcels were quickly recovered and arrests were made.