Glenn PoshardA former congressman who was in office during the last government shutdown is frustrated by what’s happening.  Glenn Poshard, the president of Southern Illinois University, was a member of Congress in the 1990s, when there were two shutdowns. He says these happen because members talk past each other.  The answer?
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“The key is to listen to the American people. You know we’re a family for gosh sake. Sit down at the kitchen table and iron out your differences. Nobody’s going to get everything they want. Everybody’ll get a piece of the pie. Be satisfied with that. That’s called America. It’s called democracy. It means moving forward,” he said.  Poshard says members of Congress now who are stuck on ideology are part of the problem; those who are willing to compromise are part of the solution. He says Congress appears to be more ideologically rigid than when he was there (1989-99), and most of the public is not that way.
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