Motorists who are used to driving on Seminary Street near the Homer Adams Parkway in Alton will have to take another route for the next few weeks.  Work is underway to upgrade the railroad bridge over the road to prepare for higher speed trains that are scheduled to stop in Alton in a few years.

Along with updating the bridge to accommodate Amtrak and Union Pacific Rail needs, construction crews will widen the roadway as part of the plan.  The work could take one to two months to complete and is a federally funded project.  Later this year, the crossing at Humbert Road-Washington Avenue near Bowl Haven will be updated, and excavation work will also begin by September 1 at the site of the new train station at the former Wadlow Golf Course. One project that has been completed is the sewer and water main repair on Broadway in Alton.  The barricades between Alby and Market Streets were removed yesterday.



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