A new poll says most people in southern Illinois aren’t feeling any impact from the budget impasse, but some have lost jobs or had their health insurance cut.
Those were the most common impacts cited by people who said they have been affected by the stalemate in a poll from Southern University Illinois’ Paul Simon Institute of Public Policy. 56.6 percent in the state’s 18 southernmost counties say they haven’t been affected, while 37.4 percent say they have, but director David Yepsen expects those numbers may flip the longer the stalemate goes.

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“I think this thing is just starting to bite,” Yepsen said, “and we’ll see that number of people who are affected go up.”
Yepsen guesses that because the majority aren’t being impacted with the loss of a job or being shut out of a state aid program, there’s less heat on political leaders to pass a budget.

The poll also included a question on so-called “right-to-work” laws. 53.4 percent of respondents said they’d support those kinds of proposals.
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