Political leaders on both sides say campaign spending on key races wasn’t enough to change the political landscape in the General Assembly.


Following Tuesday’s primary elections, Speaker Michael Madigan said in a statement, “Voters in the Democratic primary election made it very clear they want representatives in the State Capitol who will stand up for middle-class families, children and the elderly, not turn their back on them.”


Madigan also said millions spent in support of state Rep. Ken Dunkin did not persuade voters because Dunkin and those who supported his campaign financially “do not reflect the views of middle-class and struggling families.”


Dunkin was beat by challenger Juliana Stratton, who got a key endorsement from President Barack Obama.


Gov. Bruce Rauner’s office sent out a statement from Spokesman Lance Trover who said there were many races Tuesday in which special interests backed by Madigan failed to defeat Republican incumbents and candidates who support the governor’s call for structural reform.


Trover said even in a Democratic primary “the speaker needed to call in the president of the United States to defeat one legislator who dared to show a hint of independent thinking.”


Trover said the primaries are over and instead of issuing partisan press releases, the speaker needs to call the House back to Springfield to enact a balanced budget along with structural reforms to grow the economy.


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