The amount of money spent by outside organizations in Illinois congressional races over the last two weeks is $11.7 million.  This is calculated by the Sunlight Foundation. Outside expenditures mean expenditures by individuals or organizations that are not affiliated with either of the candidates in the race.
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Race (D-R)
(incumbents in bold)
Independent expenditures
Since Oct. 15
of spending
IL-13 (Gill-Davis)
50-60% Republican
IL-17 (Bustos-Schilling)
50-60% Democrat
IL-10 (Schneider-Dold)
60-75% Republican
IL-12 (Enyart-Plummer)
50-60% Republican
IL-11 (Foster-Biggert)
50-60% Republican
IL-8 (Duckworth-Walsh)
75-100% Republican
SOURCE: Sunlight Foundation
These races are nationally targeted and going down to the wire. Political Science professor Kent Redfield of the University of Illinois at Springfield says Illinois is a battleground state – for Congress. “These races in the districts in Illinois, with all this outside spending feel exactly like what’s going on in Ohio or Florida in terms of the presidential. It just gives you wall-to-wall commercials, radio, mailers. It’s been pretty incredible,” he said.
Redfield says the outside groups don’t care about Illinois. They just want their party to have a seat in Congress.
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