Police in Wood River would like find a missing city employee, but whether she is truly missing is up for question after authorities discovered she used her ATM card within the past few days.  41 year old Leslie Dona failed to show up for work on Monday atWoodRiverCity Hall, but did use her bank card at an ATM inSt. Peters,Missourithat morning.

City Manager Jim Schneider said he was worried about Dona, and said it was unlike her not to call in sick...which she did last Friday.  Monday, there was no call to her job about being sick or taking the day off from the finance department.  Police were able to track her bank account and found she used an ATM machine in St. Charles County near Mid Rivers Mall and have a photo of her from the bank.  They have not been able to reach her by her cell phone or track her whereabouts.  Authorities, and other city officials, are asking her to contact them, or if anyone has information about Dona, to contact Wood River Police at 254-3114.