Checking local police reports provided this morning to Z-1570, Wood River Police arrested 42 year old Sean Wallace of the 8100 block of Wolf Road in Alton for possession of a controlled substance and operating an uninsured motor vehicle. 36 year old Robbie Evans of the 100 block of 9th in Wood River, held for retail theft.   35 year old Elizabeth Mckenzie of the 3300 block of Sherman in Alton, held for retail theft.

The Madison County Sheriff's Department arrested 17 year old Tyler Darnell of the 6200 block of Squire Street in Godfrey for unlawful possesion of a controlled substance.  He was arrested during a traffic stop early Saturday morning on Humbert Road in a vehicle in which he was a passenger.  46 year old Mark Schieler of the 8000 block of Brighton Bunker Hill Road was arrested for disorderly conduct for filing a false police report.  He reportedly told police his car was stolen from outside a residence in East Alton.  Police later found it in Alton and determined he had gotten into an arguement with another occupant and that person took the keys to avoid further confrontation with Schieler.  Schieler then apparently tried to use a screwdriver to start the vehicle, causing damage to the ignition.