A couple of recent incidents of police impersonation in Macoupin County has that jurisdiction's sheriff warning travelers to beware.  The first incident in Virden turned out to be a group of teenagers with a police light apparently prompting a motorist to pull over, but they did not make contact with the other driver.  The most recent incident happened near Shipman, where a 21-year-old woman was actually pulled over by an impersonator on Route 16.

In that situation, the impersonator approached the vehicle, took her license briefly before returning it, and said he had suspected she was driving a stolen car.  She reported the incident to ploice later that evening.  Macoupin County Sheriff Don Albrecht says if you suspect you are being approached by an impersonator, you have the right to proceed to a safe public location, or to call the Sheriff's Department to ask if the person following is actually law enforcement.

Albrecht comments

He says it was almost 28 years ago a police impersonator occurred in the county that resulted in the murder of a 16-year-old girl, so they take these incidents very seriously.

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