The candidate who’s gained notoriety for keeping his finances under wraps is pointing to the other guy in the race.   Jason Plummer, the Republican seeking the 12th District Congressional seat, has not disclosed his tax returns in either this race or in the 2010 campaign for lieutenant governor. But his campaign is releasing pension information about his opponent, Democrat Bill Enyart, and Enyart’s wife, retired judge Annette Eckert.
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Plummer says the couple is collecting more than $150,000 on three public pensions and is probably eligible for even more. Plummer says it’s an example of “connected”people “gaming” the system, as Eckert had opted out of a pension system and then bought back into it.  “We have state workers,” says Plummer. “We’ve got IDOT workers. We’ve got AFSCME workers, the folks from the DOC, the Department of Corrections, state troopers, teachers.  We’ve got people all over this state that are worried about their one pension.”
Plummer leveled his allegations during a conference call he ended after taking two questions from reporters.
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