Lt. Joe GliniewiczFrom allegedly trying to have a local official killed to creating imaginary bad guys to mask his own suicide to embezzling to news that his widow and at least one child are being investigated, the story of Fox Lake Police Lt. Joe Gliniewicz – which has embarrassed police who once honored him in death – has angles for everybody.

Randy Cox, president of the Illinois Association of Criminal Defense Lawyers, knows it's not easy for a civilian to point the finger at a police officer.

“As delicate as it is on this end,” he says, “it's just as delicate for law enforcement. They want to be seen as having integrity. That's why you often have someone else brought in” from outside to investigate a police officer or police agency.

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A spokesman for the Lake County Sheriff's Department says cocaine was found in the officer's desk, and there's evidence he tried to arrange a hit on Fox Lake village administrator Anne Marrin.

As for Cox' advice had Gliniewicz come to him for help rather than commit suicide in a way to make it appear he died in the line of duty?

“You want to see if law enforcement and the prosecutor has what they think they have; whether or not there is something else out there.”


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