Plans to prop up the federal Clean Water Act by clarifying its jurisdiction get the approval of an environmental advocate. The head of Healing Our Waters Great Lakes Coalition, Todd Ambs, says people have to have confidence they can drink what comes out of the tap.

“Certainly, we’ve had some issues with water quality across the region,” Ambs says, pointing to this past summer’s problems in Toledo, Ohio. “This (proposed) rule is a painstaking effort by the EPA to, once and for all, define what waterways are covered, so we can go back to having a very strong federal law in place that applies to a broad range of waterways.”


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Ambs says a couple of U.S. Supreme Court rulings over the past decade muddied the waters, so to speak.

Approximately 1.6 million Illinoisans depend on what the group calls “ambiguously protected” surface waters for their drinking water.

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