The City of Alton is getting its plan together to renovate a portion of the historic Riverview Park.  It recently received word that it won a $148,600 OSLAD Grant.  The plan is to improve the bandstand, walkways and landscaping, create an overlook structure, install solar powered site lighting and create a 'grasscrete' driveway leading into the park.

Last year, the federal government awarded the city a National Scenic Byways grant for $404,000 to be put toward the project.  It is that part of the project that Alton Park & Recreation Deputy Director Rhonda Lewis hopes to begin within the next 30 to 60 days.

Lewis comments

The project is an ambitions one, with an improved bandstand, sidewalks, restrooms, and an upgraded overview all goals of the city.  Grasscrete is reinforced concrete in which you can either grow natural grass or fill its cavities with gravel.  Alton plans to grow natural grass.  

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