A group of Springfield residents have officially entered the national debate over whether Planned Parenthood should have its federal funding yanked by Congress after videos regarding the harvesting of fetal organs surfaced. 

They tried to keep it peaceful;  but, Springfield Police were called to Planned Parenthood's office downtown Thursday to watch over the protest organized by Springfield Right to Life, after some protesters paced in front of the entrance to Planned Parenthood's parking lot.  Nevertheless, Springfield Right to Life president Tim Moore says the public needs to get their Congressmen on the phone.

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"We want an investigation into these allegations.  That's what they are; they're allegations," says Moore.  "Guilty until proven innocent -- I firmly believe in that.  So let's get the investigation going.  Here in Illinois, let's petition our Governor and our Attorney General to increase the regulation on these [abortion] facilities."

Moore also claims state funding should cease, alleging Planned Parenthood received $8 million last year.

Debbie Shultz runs Lifetime -- a Springfield-based pro-life women's pregnancy center.

"God is for us," says Schultz.  "He is with us, and He's the one that's...shining the light on the darkness, exposing the lies, exposing the evil deeds of Planned Parenthood."

Planned Parenthood has claimed the federal money they receive is not for abortions, but is for other women's health services.
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