Authorities including the Jersey County Sheriff's Department and the FAA are investigating a plane crash Thursday morning in Jerseyville.  Eyewitnesses report hearing a single-engine plane sputtering as it flew over town, on its way to the small airport on the south end of town.  The pilot, 82 year old Donald Glennie of Florissant almost made it, landing in the corn field that separates the air strip from the Jerseyville Wal-Mart complex.  He was uninjured.

The call came in around 10:15am yesterday.  Jersey County Sheriff Mark Kallal says the pilot had just taken off from the airport and was heading north.

Kallal comments

The plane was experimental, which in aviation terminology means it was built by someone other than a manufacturer.  In this case, Kallal believes the pilot built the airplane.  This plane crashed close to the area where another plane crashed in 1991, killing the pilot, a co-pilot, and destroying the Strike Zone bowling alley.

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