An Illinois man is behind the effort to get pizza to American forces in Afghanistan for the Super Bowl.  Mark Evans of Elk Grove, a former master sergeant in the Air Force, started Pizzas4Patriots five Super Bowls ago in 2008, at the time shipping 3,000 pizzas to Iraq and Afghanistan. The pizzas are Chicago-style deep dish pizza, supplied by the Chicago-based chain Pizzeria Uno.

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This year, it’s 10,000 pizzas to serve 40,000 soldiers in Afghanistan. They were shipped several weeks ago. “We put Uno’s pizzas on dry ice, they get out to Kandahar and Bagram, and then the military … takes it, and there’s a rule that the pizzas have to go out to the farthest operating bases, and the camps where the guys are eating out of boxes. That is the rule,” Evans said.

Evans got the idea of shipping pizzas to soldiers in the Middle East from his sons in 2008, and got the blessing of Gen. David H. Petraeus, who was the commanding general in Iraq at the time.


The Super Bowl kicks off at 4 a.m. Monday in Afghanistan. Evans says soldiers who can’t see it live will watch a replay, and the pizza can be held for them.

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