Most of the residents of Piasa Hills have taped onto the recently completed village sewer system, but there are a handful that say they will not do so under any circumstances.  Those within 300 feet of the system have until December 15 to either tie on to the system, or start the process by getting the permits to do so.


The sewer extension along Delmar in Godfrey affects about 140 homeowners- most in Piasa Hills, but there are also a few along the perimeter of the subdivision that are hooked into the system.   Trustee and Sewer Committee Chairman Jeff Weber:


Weber comments


The project was officially completed about a month ago, at which time the village sent letters to all residents of the affected area letting them know there was a 60 day window to either tie on to the system, or make arrangements to get the work done.  Weber and some other trustees say if there is a case of financial hardship, they would be willing to work with the property owner, if the owner comes to them with their problem.