Most of the residents of Godfrey's Piasa Hills have tapped onto the recently completed village sewer system, but there are a handful that say they cannot afford to do so.  Those within 300 feet of the system were told last fall when the project was completed that they had until December 15 to either tie on to the system, or start the process by getting the permits to do so.  The Village of Godfrey will be offering assistance to those who can prove they cannot afford the cost of tapping on.

The project met with much resistance at the beginning, and there were still some last fall that said they would not tie on under any circumstances.   At this point, Godfrey Trustee and Sewer Committee Chairman Jeff Weber says it's time to get everyone on board.

Weber comments

Godfrey will ask those who are claiming financial hardship to fill out a form to prove that fact, and then the village will bid a project to get all of them online at the same time.  The possibility of further expanding the sewer service area to the south side of West Delmar is also being discussed.  That expansion would service mostly business interests, with just a handfull of homes in that area.

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