The CItizen's Utility Board is advising homeowners that still have a land-line phone to examine their bills and see if they are getting the best deal available.  The reason is a recent modification of what was once the plan the watchdog reccomended for people who used phone service sparingly.  Rates on AT&T's "CallPack 100" have steadily risen over time, and now costs customers up to $38 per month before making a single phone call.

CUB's Jim Chilsen explains:

Chilsen comments

CallPack 100 is actually a grandfathered plan no longer offered by the phone company.  Despite the increasing price tag, many CallPack 100 customers have been hesitant to ditch the plan because once it is dropped, the customer can't get it back.  Chilsen says many consumers are finding a better plan in AT&T's Consumer's Choice Basic plan with Pioneer Telephone for calls beyond 15 miles. CUB finds that most callers talk far less than that.  For more information, call CUB at 1-800-669-5556.

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