Be careful who you give your phone number to. That’s the message from Attorney General Lisa Madigan.  With a new law in place protecting consumers from a phone scam known “cramming,” Madigan is still warning consumers about the potential for fraud that could come with you dolling out your phone number.

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Madigan says while “cramming” has been traditionally done on landline telephones, her office is starting to receive complaints from cell phone customers. “Is there a problem with wireless, yes we are starting to see an increase in the number of calls regarding wireless phone bill cramming,” Madigan said.  But where do these third party phone crammers get phone numbers in the first place? Madigan says a big culprit is the internet. “You thought you were trying to get a free recipe or sign up to win a TV and the next thing you know there are charges on your phone bill for a service that you didn’t want you don’t use and you never authorized,” Madigan said. A word of advice from Madigan, you may want to think twice about giving your phone number out over the internet.
A bill signed into law Wednesday makes cramming illegal on landline phones.
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