It doesn’t look like pension reform will gain any traction with lawmakers until after the November election. Lawmakers likely won’t take up the issue of public pension reform until January. It’s unfortunate, says Gov. Pat Quinn. “I’m disappointed we can’t get it done today or tomorrow,” Quinn said. He says he is optimistic that pension reform will happen before the end of the current legislative session.

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Asked what kind of message lawmakers send when they put off important votes until after they have retained their legislative jobs for another term, Quinn says democracy should be about making a position known upfront. “I think democracy is taking an important position, as I have before elections, in letting the people know very clearly where I stand,” Quinn said. “There are some, as you may know, that may be unhappy with that. Perhaps they even boo, but my job as governor is to tell people what they need to know not what they always want to hear.”

On gambling expansion, Quinn says his veto of a gambling expansion bill should send a message to lawmakers that another proposal must include better oversight. It is unlikely lawmakers have the votes to override Quinn’s veto of the bill which would have created five new casinos and allowed slot machines at race tracks.

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