Lawmakers might wait until the New Year to tackle public employee pension reform. While Gov. Pat Quinn has been saying public pension reform is a top priority and should happen as soon as possible, lawmakers may hold off and tackle the issue in the Lame Duck Session in January.

“I think the timing is we hope to get it done by the ninth of January when the legislature adjourns, and the timing may be that it is in the new year and I’ve noticed their scheduling, January 3,4,5,6,7,8, maybe the morning of the 9th. So it’s going to be a busy first week or so of January, so be it. Let’s get the job done for the people,” Quinn said.

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It’s in the Lame Duck Session that outgoing lawmakers, no longer answerable to voters, sometimes make difficult votes that they otherwise wouldn’t. Asked if that’s OK, Quinn says an elected official’s job runs the length of the term. “When you’re elected to the legislature, you’re elected to a full term and you have to serve out your full term, so I see every day count, and whenever the legislature seeks to act on an important reform mission, so be it,” Quinn said.

The state’s deficit grows bigger each day lawmakers fail to pass public pension reform.

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