Illinois lawmakers are playing the blame game when it comes to their failure to pass a pension reform bill.  Republicans say yesterday’s special session was a catastrophic failure, claiming Governor Quinn called them into session knowing there was no deal on the table.  Senate Minority Leader Christine Radogno says Quinn has only met with GOP leaders twice in the past eight weeks.  Quinn on the other hand says it’s Republicans who sabotaged all efforts for reform.  He says they refused to support a bill which would have changed four of the state’s pension systems.  He says when he asked for three, they also refused.  

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House Republicans overwhelmingly voted against an amendment that would’ve changed their own retirement benefits.  They say it makes no sense to start with the General Assembly Retirement System – which doesn’t even account for one percent of the state’s 83-billion dollar liability.  Supporters of that proposal say lawmakers need to set the example and give up a few of their own retirement perks before expecting anyone else to do the same.


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