A Republican lawmaker says the “powers that be” have sounded the death knell on one of his ideas to save money on lawmaker pensions, one day after the governor warned that an underfunded state pension system is one of the state’s biggest problems.   State Sen. Ron Sandack (R-Downers Grove) introduced a measure to prohibit new lawmakers who take office in 2013 from receiving state pensions. He says full-time workers, not part-time public servants, deserve full-time benefits.


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“The state workers, the teachers, those folks deserve a defined benefit plan. We as part-time legislators do not,” he says. “We can help show leadership and help right the ship with respect to the reform required in those funds, to getting out of our pension morass and helping solve their problem.”   Sandack says the bill was sent to a sub-committee, which is one of a couple of places lawmakers say bills go to die, since the sub-committee is not likely ti schedule a meeting. But Sandack says he will attempt to get the measure reconsidered.


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