A balanced budget should not be an issue for the Alton School District this fiscal year.  District officials approved an amended budget earlier this week that includes nearly $900-thousand in additional revenue.  The district touted cost savings with the retirement of several employees and some positions will not be filled which will help cover administrative pay hikes.

Chris Norman, Director of Financial Services for the Alton School District, says the unexpected revenue came in the form of additional Corporate Personal Property Replacement Taxes.

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Norman says the funding will keep the budget balanced because it will offset the cuts made to different funds by the state over the last few years.  The school board also approved a pay increase for district superintendent Dr. Ken Spells of $3,520. His salary will now be $163,520 per year.  It's the first pay increase since he took the job in 2011.  The board also voted in favor of pay increases of 2.2-percent for district administrators, totaling just over 88-thousand dollars.  In a printed statement to WBGZ, the district says after the raises, it is saving more than 151-thousand dollars in administrative salaries starting July 1 by not filling some positions and combining others.  District employees falling under the category of "exempt" were given a 25-cent per hour pay raise.  

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