The Madison County Board has approved a pay increase for future county-wide elected officials and future members of the county board. The pay hike won't take effect for another two years for the county-wide office holders, but in the final two years, will be 2.5-percent each year. County Board members will make $14,609 when the increase takes effect.

The vote for the county board members pay was 16-13 in favor of the increase, which would apply to one third of the board...meaning those that did not receive an increase during the last vote because they could not vote for an increase for current office holders. The hike also only applies to those already making $13,514 per year. All county board members will be up for election this fall following the re-mapping of districts for the census. County-wide office holders will receive their pay raises in the last two years of their upcoming four year terms. The coroner, recorder, auditor and circuit clerk currently earn just over $104,600 per year. The county board chairman makes a little more than $96,000 annually. All of those offices are also up for election in the fall.

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