Businesses which ask for job seekers’ passwords from websites such as Facebook or Twitter may soon have to back off.  A proposal that would ban the practice is getting bipartisan support. The sponsor, Senate Minority Leader Christine Radogno (R-Lemont, pictured), says people are entitled to their privacy.


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“I don’t believe employers have a right to the key to someone’s house and rifle through it,” Radogno says. “So everyone has a certain area of privacy and I think what they identify as private in their social media they should be entitled to keep that private.”   She says it’s an example of laws adapting to new technology. In March, Facebook condemned the practice and said businesses were opening themselves up to discrimination lawsuits.   Employers can still view job seekers’ profiles without accessing their accounts.   If the proposal passes the Senate it will go to the governor. The legislation is H.B. 3782.


Facebook’s response:


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