The enrollment period for Medicare Part D will wrap up another sign-up period a week from Friday, and government officials want to make sure the public has the tools to make an informed choice.  You can keep your old plan or change to a new one.  Some who automatically renew with their existing plan may be in for a surprise, according to a spokesman for the Illinois Department of Insurance.

Premium creep is the process of the slight increase in plan cost from year to year.  Another hazard of not double-checking your plan is that some will drop drugs off of their plan that you may need.  The Department's Brian Padgett says not to wait until the last minute to examine your plan.  The sign up period for Medicare Part D runs through December 7 again this year.  

Padgett comments

You can plug your medications into a plan-finder at, and that will let you know which plans would work best for you.  A toll free number if you have questions about your plan is 1-866-548-9034.

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