The often confusing and sometimes controversial Medicare Part D will wrap up another sign-up period tomorrow, and government officials are making one last push for people to make changes if they can find a better deal than their current plan. In theory, having the sign up earlier will help with a backlog of paperwork at the end of the year. In the past, enrollees could sign up all the way to December 31.

But this year, the sign up period was changed to October 15 through December 7. Illinois Department of Insurance spokesman Brian Padgett says if you are newly eligible for Part D, you doin't have much time to get signed up.

Padgett comments

A recent study finds that the average Medicare beneficiary will have a choice of 33 Part D stand-alone prescription drug plans in 2011, despite a 30 percent reduction in the total number of stand-alone plans available nationwide. A toll free number if you have questions about your plan is 1-800-548-9034.