Congress wants to keep the taxman from taking thousands of dollars from U.S. Olympian medalists.


U.S. Rep. Bob Dold's, R-Lake Forest, bill to exempt Team USA from paying federal taxes on winnings and the value of medals is only a procedural vote from the president's desk.


The bill, which passed through the House with near-unanimous support, would retroactively affect Olympians and Paralympians who competed in the 2016 Olympics.


Dold said it's outrageous to tax athletes who devote their lives to representing the United States on a world stage.

"Most people realize that when 'Wait a second, you mean to say the IRS is going to tax the actual medal value and also any cash award that they may get from the United States Olympic Committee?' I think they're outraged in regard to that."


Dold said millionaire athletes won't get the same exemption meant for the others.

"We added that measure so that the people making millions couldn't take advantage of this -- the Kevin Durants and Michael Phelpses and other millionaires," Dold said.


Dold said he expects President Obama to sign the bill once he gets it.


A companion bill passed the U.S. Senate earlier this year.


Illinoisans who come home with a medal will still be subject to state tax.


In 2014, State Sen. Julie Morrison, D-Lake Forest, sponsored legislation that would have exempted Illinoisans who bring home a medal and prize money from state taxes. The bill never received a floor vote.


There were more than 50 Olympians competing in Rio with ties to Illinois.

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