Nearly 1,000 jobs will eventually be lost as a division of Olin Corporation in East Alton moves out of the area, and another group of workers recently attended a Rapid Response meeting. Rapid Response Team members introduce workers that will be losing their jobs to the services that will be made available to them to ease their transition following the mass layoff.


The meetings are organized by the Department of Commerce and Economic Opportunity, but any agency that can assist workers in their transition has a presence. That includes the Department of Financial and Professional Regulation, according to agency spokesman Mark Terry, who encourages the unemployed, or soon-to-be unemployed to take advantage of all of the services that are available.


Terry comments


Olin is relocating the Centerfire Manufacturing Operation of the Winchester Division in an attempt to cut costs and boost profits. In 2004, Olin moved the Rimfire Operation and about 150 jobs to Mississippi, where the company can reportedly pay employees in that state $10 an hour less and offer no benefits compared to what it pays in Illinois.