A political party says a recent ruling opening up ballots for their candidates to run without the requirement of having a full slate of candidates will bring more voices to the table. 
A federal judge ruled last month in a case brought by the state’s Libertarian Party that a decades-old ballot access law requiring candidates of so-called non-established parties to run a full slate of candidates or none at all is unconstitutional and poses a quote “nearly insurmountable burden” for new parties. 
Illinois Libertarian Party Chairman Lex Green told WMAY Springfield that means they can run candidates for local races without having to find candidates for statewide races. 
“(Libertarians) have no county officials anywhere because of the full slate requirement,” Green said, “and it will make it easier for us to run the state slate because we won’t have to look for an attorney to fill the attorney general office.” 

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Green said the ruling striking down the decades-old requirement was a big win for their party. 
The Better Government Association also said the ruling is healthy and allows for more choices in the middle of the political spectrum.    
Better Government Association’s Andy Shaw said, pending an appeal, the ruling allows voters to have more choices. 
“Too many races are either uncontested or have no candidates and that really ill serves a democracy,” Shaw said. “You need choices.”    Shaw said at the local level the ruling means candidates who don’t associate with Republicans or Democrats can get on the ballot, something he says is healthy. Other reforms Shaw said would open up the election process include further ballot access reforms, redistricting reforms and a way to control the flow of money.  

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