A man was airlifted to a St. Louis hospital Friday morning after possibly being hit by a train in Brighton.  Union Pacific Railroad Police said yesterday afternoon they believed the man was hit by an Amtrak train just after 6am, but an Amtrak spokesman says they are examining their equipment, and are not sure that is the case.  

An Amtrak train came through the area at 5am, and the next one wasn't scheduled until 6:30, so spokesman Marc Magliari says they are not positive it was their train that injured the man.  A fire department spokesman also says it is not a certainty that he was even hit by a train, but he was laying along the tracks about 800 feet south of the Center Street crossing, and displayed injuries consistent with such an impact.  The victim is being identified at 25-year-old Cody L. Moore.  The extent of his injuries are unknown.

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