More than a dozen Occupy St. Louis protesters were arrested Thursday on the "National Day of Action." Around 600 people marched from their former encampment at Kiener Plaza to the Martin Luther King Bridge, saying bridges needing repairs are perfect examples of where the federal government needs to spend money and create jobs. Police, however, would not let the marchers onto the bridge.

Fourteen protesters sat down in the roadway, and were given less than a minute to return to the marchers along the sidewalk. They refused, and were arrested without incident. About 60 police officers blocked the roadway so the protesters could not shut down the bridge. A number of union members took part in the protest yesterday, and focused on the need for more consistent work for its members in the St. Louis area. Two banners were also unfurled last evening from the former Municipal Courts Building in downtown St. Louis. One read "Occupy" the other said "Everywhere." Yesterday was the two month anniversary of the "Occupy" movement that began on Wall Street in New York City.

(WBGZ-ME/Metro News)