Occupy Chicago protesters had a Veterans Day ceremony Friday.  It was held at the Vietnam Veterans Memorial fountain in Chicago, and it was co-organized by the group Iraq Veterans Against the War.  Veterans who spoke at the ceremony discussed the need to take care of veterans, especially those from recent conflicts are struggling with physical, mental and economic problems.


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It was also a day to recognize the needs of women veterans, says Sabrina Waller, a Navy veteran of the Kosovo conflict. “We thank our brothers from IVAW (Iraq Veterans Against the War) and VVAW (Vietnam Veterans Against the War) and all our allies for allowing us to take this masculine holiday and turn it around and make sure that we bring light to female issues,” she said.  Waller is pleased to have a new women veterans’ license plate, now being offered in Illinois, so that grateful citizens will stop thanking her brother or father for their service, when it is she who served.


(Illinois Radio Network)